Time is a valuable commodity. Something that you cannot regain or put a price on. We are VERY aware of this and appreciate all of our Volunteers and the support they provide to the thousands of athletes in Special Olympics! We need Volunteers to assist in various events that are held on a local and State level. Sports events occur throughout the year with our main event being the Summer Games that are held in Columbus, OH.

COACH - Coaches are sought by local programs to work directly with the athletes. Coaches teach or help improve new skills for the athletes for both team and individual sports. Click here for a listing of Ohio's official sports. Participation is seasonal by sport.

SPORTS OFFICIAL - Registered/Sanctioned officials are always sought for competition at the local, area, sectional and state levels. Sports rules for Special Olympics events are the same as they are for competition for able-bodied sports programs with a possible few modifications. For example, high school federation (O.H.S.A.A.) rules are followed for Special Olympics basketball and T.A.C. rules govern athletics.

EVENT VOLUNTEERS - Volunteers are sought year-round to assist with the the management and execution of the sports competiotions and special events. Volunteers are asked to work an assigned four-hour shift during an event. Click here for a schedule of Special Olympics Ohio's events. Some specific responsibilities of event volunteers are:

* Scorers and Timers - Assist with timing and scoring at sports venues.
* Results and Awards - Tabulate results and distribute awards to the athletes after the competition.
* Spirit Section - Groups who attend events to cheer the athltetes in competition.

FUNDRAISING/PUBLIC RELATIONS - Volunteers are needed to help raise funds and awareness for local organizations. The funds raised pay for items such as the cost of training athletes, uniforms, housing, meals and transportation.

If you would like to become a Special Olympics Coach Volunteer in the Greater Dayton area, please visit
https://sooh.org/as-a-volunteer/ Someone from the Special Olympics Greater Dayton office will contact you will all the information you need to assist you with this journey in helping you to become part of the team.

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